Americans Still Optimistic About Home Buying in the Face of COVID-19 and Social Distancing

Dated: April 6 2020

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There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we live. People are staying at home and social distancing while mandated closures are forcing many businesses to close their doors—at least temporarily.

But despite the challenges or the pandemic, Americans are still optimistic about buying a home—a sentiment that bodes well for the housing market. Between March 23 and March 26, online real estate resource Point2Home surveyed nearly 3000 site visitors to gauge how they were feeling about the home buying process during the current climate. When asked whether they were still looking to buy a home given the COVID-19 pandemic, 37 percent said they were still looking—with 34 percent saying they were hoping to buy in the next six months.

The Takeaway:

What does this mean for you? If you’ve been searching for a home, the coronavirus doesn’t have to end your search; thanks to things like guided video tours and online contracts, you can have the best of both worlds—finding your dream home and keeping yourself and your community safe by practicing social distancing. And, if you’re looking to sell, just know that there are people out there still looking to buy.

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Graham Green

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