Dreaming About A Pool? Dive Into These For Inspiration!

Dated: June 3 2020

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If swimming pools appear in your dreams, it means you’re alert to what’s going on in your subconscious mind, and that you probably have good physical and mental health.

If swimming pools appear in your DAYDREAMS, on the other hand, it probably means it’s hot outside and you want to go swimming!

With the trend in natural pools on the rise, here are 10 pools for you to ooh and ahh over. Each one takes their surrounding environment into account – and they’re all 100% daydream-worthy.

With DIY natural swimming pool designs, you can dream up whatever you like. Add a dock? Why not. Surround it with little garden areas? You bet! It’s truly up to you.

Savecrunchhome.com - crunchhome Resources and Information.crunchhome.com
This beats the pool at the Y a thousand times over, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to have a huge yard for one of these natural pools, either. If you just want a pretty place to take a dip, look into smaller designs like this.

SavePaisagismo by Isabel DupratClainPiscine et Bassins
You can’t cannonball here, but who would even want to?

Using natural materials like these multicolored slate tiles and LOTS of greenery seems to be the key to a hideaway of your own like this one…

SaveMa source d'inspiration PINTEREST | La revue de kathleen: Blog lifestyleLa revue de KathleenPool tiles Image qui vend du rêve
Who needs Bali when your backyard looks like this?!

It DOESN’T have to be a jungle out there, either. Look at this modern natural pool – it’s elegant and energizing while still looking right at home in nature.

Save25 Natural Swimming Pool Designs For Your Small BackyardHomeMydesign25 Natural Swimming Pool Designs For Your Small Backyard | Home Design And Interior
You don’t have to be Tarzan to like these surroundings!

If you’re not into a tropical forest vibe, that’s ok, too. You’ll never go wrong with a beach theme and this zero entry pool has that sandy sanctuary thing nailed.

SaveMonica SusolePiscine
Sorry, cabana boy not included.

There are so many different styles to work with. This pond-and-waterfall inspired pool will look appropriate just about anywhere in the country.

Savepond swimming pool 15Robyn ManningPools
Admit it. You can totally see yourself chilling here.

Another cool thing about creating your own natural pool? You can trick it out however you like. Add slides, or even swings to turn your pool into a playground!

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