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Graham Green was absolutely awesome at helping us through the process from start to finish.

She even jumped in a few times after both parties signed the contract to remind us of deadlines and other miscellaneous closing items.


Graham was an absolute pleasure to work with and time was never an issue.

If my husband and I wanted to see a house at 9pm, he was there! We would absolutely recommend Graham to anyone looking to find the perfect home. He takes your wants and needs into consideration and only sends you listings based on that. We're 100% satisfied with our home and his services!

Amanda Wood

My husband and I just bought our second home with the help of our awesome Realtor Graham Green, owner of Green Tree Realty in Fredericksburg.

Graham sold our previous home, helped us find our new dream home, and closed on the new house in the short time frame of a month. He was patient and sincere from beginning to end. We were always able to get a hold of him, regardless of what time it was or day of the week. He was flexible with timings and availability, always ensuring the best client experience for us. He gave us his honest and experienced view on issues which helped us make informative decisions. Graham Green is knowledgeable about the area, and can be relied on to give the best advice and guidance when either selling or buying a home. Graham made the process of selling and buying a new home as anxiety-free as possible. I can't recommend him and the rest of the team at Green Tree Realty enough!!!

Kayla Toussant

Thanks again to Graham Green for all of his assistance in selling our residence in Spotsylvania, VA.

Graham was “spot on” about the seller that would purchase our residence (because of it being located in remote Spotsylvania) would have to basically love it (which was the case of the purchaser) because purchasers out for a Sunday drive looking for/at real estate were not going to be driving in extreme rural Spotsylvania and decide “oh I want to see that house.” Graham was of great assistance in purchasing our new residence was available to show houses in accordance to our schedule on the evenings and weekends when it was convenient for us because of my crazy work travel hours. Graham answered any questions I had no matter how many I asked (and I know I asked a lot). Although this is not the first residence we purchased it was the best experience we have had in doing so! This is a tedious process and Graham made it a much better experience! I really appreciated Graham's assistance, experience and knowledge before we listed our previous residence, during the sale of our previous residence and the purchase of our new residence as well as assistance after we closed

Laurie Showers

I approached Graham as a buyer with a very low cost property in mind.

With only a small commission involved, he treated me and the purchase with the utmost attention and professionalism. His willingness to provide top notch service for a relatively small profit was impressive! Thanks, Graham!

Frank Prothero

I have used a few realtors this time around looking for a house; I had been looking for approximately 5 months.

The first two realtors didn't really seem to want to work for me. Graham was different. Most importantly, Graham was available to show me houses when I found one I wanted to see. Because of that, I didn't feel like I was missing out on newly released places and we ended up finding a place We found within a couple of weeks. I am definitely happy with the service Graham provided and the ease of the transaction. I definitely recommend him!

Amanda Thomas

My wife and I had desperately sought to find an honest and truthful agent dedicated on building long term relationships motivated by honesty and not money.

This task was very difficult until we met Graham. He exemplifies everything in what a real estate agent should be and more importantly what a friend should be. He stood up and provided a screen between the seller and us never placing us in a compromising situation. We told him our desires and needs and he daughter consistently for over three months to ensure full compliance from the builder. We could have never asked for anything more from someone. Even through other engagements he was there for us at every hour or any lie stone ensuring that our objectives stayed consistent. He doesn't waiver or flake out in his approach and will continue to maintain clear communication and ensure the home buying process is seamless. I can't thank him enough!!

Brannon Parker

I was searching Zillow at 6 pm on a Sunday night and clicked on a home that my wife and I would like to look at.

My wife and I had just been looking and we were not even sure we could afford a house at that time. When I hit "have a agent contact you" it couldn't have been more than 5 minutes before I got a call from Graham asking if we would like to look at the house right then. Before I knew it we were there discussing our situation with him, what we liked, didn't like, and where we would like to be. He asked if we would like him to see how much we would be able to get for our current house. Graham did his research and came back with what he felt he could achieve for us in the current market. He helped us through every aspect of selling our home and finding a new home. I have had experiences with other real estate agents and have never found or talked to an agent as knowledgeable as Graham. I would say I was not sure what their true function was I just thought they were a necessary evil to sell a house but figured i didn't need one to buy. After working with Graham I now know why! My wife and I decided on a new build from Ryan Homes. Everything looked cut and dry until it came to the financing and Ryan wanted us to use their lender. Their lender said that they were going to give us $8000 in closing cost, sounded good to me. Graham asked to see fanancing and quickly pointed out that while they give you $8000 they quickly take it back with numerous fees. Graham asked that we talk with his lender which had no such fees. Need less to say he saved us thousands of dollars and got us a way lower interest rate than Rayn's lender would have ever been able to do. Graham is a true professional and it is easy to see why he owns his own firm. He is always upfront and I felt for the first time that not only was he worth every penny but probably underpaid for the amount of work he did for our family.


We would absolutely work with Graham again the next time we need a Realtor.

He is prompt and responsive in his communication, attentive to the individual customer's needs and goes above and beyond to make the process as seamless as possible. He did a great job listening to our priorities and helping to point out where different properties did or did not meet them. He has a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the area and the real estate business. We would recommend him without hesitation


I have worked in the mortgage industry for 10 years, have purchased 4 houses thus, I have worked with many real estate agents throughout the years.

However, I have never worked with, nor been associated with an agent who is as competent, willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, knowledgeable, responsive, and professional as Graham Green. He has been extremely instrumental in resolving issues even after closing, which demonstrates that we were more than just a passing client. No, Graham made me and my wife feel that we have a friend who is willing and able to employ all his vast resources to elicit a favorable conclusion to our request.

Darla and Wendell

Graham Green is an excellent and experienced realtor.

He worked very hard to market our house and was always responsive to our many questions. It took four months to sell our house (July to November), and Graham assisted us every step of the way. We highly recommend Graham and GreenTree Realty


Graham Green is an excellent agent!

He is very knowledgable about the area, the Mortgage process (tedious as it may be), and knows how to provide top notch customer service! We had many issues with the mortgage company we went through, but, Graham stepped up and helped with the process. His professionalism is beyond admirable! I highly recommend Graham and will use him in the future, should the need arise!


Graham Green not only lived up to, he exceeded my expectations when I asked him to sell my aunt's house.

As Administrator for her estate, I live 8 hours away and knew I needed an experienced Realtor who knew the market and had the contacts to make it happen. I read several outstanding reviews, saw 5 stars & many recent sales, so I called Graham. He met me at the house prepared with comparative listings & agreed to sell the estate property "as is", with a home warranty. He provided amazing pictures, and a great listing. The day after the listing came out, we had a full price offer! Graham steered me successfully to closing from a distance! He is definitely the Realtor to choose. Wonderful!


Where do you start?

! Graham is simply amazing. His amazing reviews are what led us to contacting him to help us purchase our new home and every positive thing said in every review was more than accurate! Graham made us feel like we were his only clients throughout the entire process. From day one he responded to every call, text, or email within seconds (and that's no exaggeration) and was willing to go above and beyond. He handled the entire transaction himself and never involved an assistant. We have no clue how he does it with as busy as he is but we couldn't be more grateful! When it comes time to sell or rent our home there is no question, we will be calling Graham! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Amber Simmons

Graham Green of Green Tree Realty (who actually was representing the seller, a bank) was great to work with.

He persevered through 4 separate offers on a home over several months. Graham was always extremely quick to respond to questions and requests for information. His knowledge of real estate is “state of the art”. It was his extra effort that finally broke through the bank’s numerous mandated difficult and restrictive processes that eventually allowed us to complete the purchase of the home of our dreams. REO purchases are very complicated and far too many of the Bank’s positions and demands are illogical to anyone but the bank and/or their staff and attorneys. Graham provided explanations to our questions on the bank’s unreasonable demands, which helped us to decide to comprise on enough of those demands to reach a contract and complete the purchase. I would highly recommend Graham and Greene Realty to function as your agent for purchases and/or listings.


My partner and I were first home buyers and to be honest, quite dubious about placing our trust in a real estate agent after we had a terrible experience in the past.

I can say with confidence that any fears or reservations we had were completely gone after our first meeting with Graham. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and goes above and beyond to deliver excellent service. One of the things that sets Graham apart is his real passion for providing a personal service. There were numerous times when my partner and I called and needed reassurance or advice and Graham was always there to guide and support us. In less than a couple of weeks, he was able to find the home that ticked all our boxes. We felt completely at ease (with stress levels at an all time low) with Graham by our side every step of the way. We're absolutely thrilled and recommend Graham to anyone out there looking for a professional agent who truly cares about his clients.


Graham Green was referred to us and we were very pleased with his service.

We needed to purchase a home from a distance of 3000 miles and he was extremely responsive in working with us. Specifically he worked with our son who was viewing homes on our behalf. Within one day of contact he had our son in several homes. We are experienced buyers of real estate but had never worked with a foreclosure......Graham had expertise in this area and his guidance on how to proceed was crucial. We had a successful bid on a VA foreclosure within 5 days and credit Graham with his knowledgeable coaching. He operates a drone which helped us better understand the layout of the property and the condition of the roof. He worked with our son to gain access for a GoPro "virtual" tour of the house. When our lender stalled a bit in underwriting Graham acted to "up the urgency" on the local log jam and we were able to close on time. Overall it was a very pleasant and excellent experience working with Graham. We highly recommend his services.


Graham was exceptional in every aspect of the home buying/ listing process.

His attention to detail and his knowledge of the market made him a reliable and dependable agent and contributed to the wonderful experience we had listing our home and purchasing our new one. I will recommend Graham to every single person I meet who is interested in selling and/or purchasing real estate. He exceed every expectation we had and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Teresa Grover

I can't say enough good things about Graham.

He is a true professional who knows his business in and out. Graham is incredibly proactive, open to the needs and desires of his clients, and quick to stand up for his clients' goals and best interest. I highly recommend Graham to anyone looking for realtor in the Fredericksburg, Stafford, Sposty, King George, or Caroline area!

Ed Stello

It was a great experience working with Mr.

Green. His slogan, "large enough to serve you, small enough to know you" definately rings true -- He was very knowledgeable/helpful throughout our home buying process. If ever we are in the market to sell or purchase a home again, we will definitely utilize his services.


Graham was extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market and its challenges.

He was very patient with my wife and I during a very difficult time in our lives. I highly recommend Graham to anyone looking for an experienced, friendly and considerate Realtor.

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